Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex Update

Will he roar in August?

There are two factions of people I spoke to last night at the Eyegore Awards Ceremony in Universal Studios Hollywood: Those who were keeping their fingers crossed they’d get a call to appear in Rob Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex and those who knew a little bit about the film.

Make no mistake, I walked away knowing not much more about the film which Zombie has only been dropping hints about through powerful pieces of concept art like this one. But, I talked to one source who informed me Zombie will most likely begin principal photography in January.

Will that make it possible for him to meet Dimension’s August 28, 2009. Sure. After all, Zombie shot Halloween in early ’07 and had it in theaters but the end of the summer. Our source wasn’t so sure if the August ’09 date is going to hold, however.

We were also told the picture is a genre-masher. Not strictly horror but a film best described as Raging Bull meets The Road Warrior.

There’s speculation Zombie has tapped The Nail – a comic book he collaborated on with Steve Niles about a wrestler on vacation with his family who have to fend off Satanic bikers – for inspiration. Perhaps he is exploring similar territory without the supernatural element The Nail introduced towards the end of its four-issue run?

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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