Scenes from a Sweatshop


Six photos from the indie splatter-fest

No one ever learns. Raves? Bad. No matter how many hot tattooed girls (or dudes) are in attendance, this year Beyond the Rave and Catacombs, for better or for worse, showed us it’s best to sit tight at home and live a lame-ass existence.

The folks in the upcoming indie horror film Sweatshop don’t know that, so, we’ll be witnessing their massacre soon enough.

Written by Ted Geoghegan (Barricade) and directed by Stacy Davidson, this lil’ ditty tells of a group of party-goers who are smashed to bits by a killer named “The Beast.” This hulking ox carries a giant hammer to destroy (DESTROOOY!) his victims. Sound fun to you? Sounds deliciously messy to us.

You’ll find a trailer and more images, including some you see below (courtesy of Geoghegan) at the film’s MySpace Page.

Source: Ted Geoghegan

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