Preview Fear Itself: Skin & Bones Now!

Script up for grabs on the internet

Drew McWeeny – aka “Moriarty” at Ain’t It Cool News – is one of the brave souls who, on a daily basis, contributes to the web, in a journalistic sense, and is a cog in the Hollywood machine. By that I mean, he’s a working screenwriter. An arguably successful one at that having co-penned (with partner Scott Swan) two episodes of Masters of Horror and an upcoming Joe Dante film tentatively entitled Bat Out of Hell.

Mind you, this is a tricky balance – using a platform like AICN to comment on the very industry you’re trying to earn a paycheck from. It understandably puts him in the line of fire of the site’s “talkbackers,” especially those keen to criticize McWeeny’s screen work. Now he’s offering the site’s visitors a chance to get an early peek at his latest work.

Today, McWeeny tells us, “I’m giving away the script for Fear Itself on my site from now until the episode airs.” That episode is entitled Skin & Bones, helmed by Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter) and starring Doug Jones. “Basically, I’m putting my ass on the line, saying,

Here it is. We think it’s good. Tune in if you like what you read.'”

Fair ’nuff. If you want to take the man up on this offer, click here. The script will be available until the episode airs on Thursday, July 24th.

Source: AICN


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