Newmarket to Publish Mummy 3 Book

Hitting stores this August

Blockbusters often give way to exhaustive making-of tomes and this summer is no different with books covering the latest Indiana Jones film and Wall-E now hitting the shelves.

Come August, be on the lookout for Newmarket Press’ companion book to Rob Cohen’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The full-color art book delves into all aspects of making the sequel from recreating the Great Wall of China to building the terra-cotta army of Xi’an to the costumes and props to the making of the monsters. Cohen provides an introduction.

“Here you’ll find the core of our movie and get an inkling of the creative process that was our jumping off place,” says the director of the book. The hardcover will go for $29.95, soft cover will ask you to fork over $19.95.

Source: Newmarket Press


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