Universal Buys a Ticket for Oni’s Last Call

The Ghost Train is pulling in…

Vasilis Lolos’ graphic novel The Last Call – published last year by Oni Press – recently caught the eye of producer Barry Josephson and now it’s being developed as a live-action feature for Universal Studios.

Evan Spiliotopoulis is adapting; he most recently penned The Box for Fox (not to be confused with the upcoming Richard Kelly film of the same name). Oni’s site describes Last Call as an adventure-horror tale. Here’s a plot crunch:

While out on a midnight drive, two friends, Alec and Sam, are hit by the “Ghost Train,” an inter-dimensional soul carrier. They wake up to discover themselves stuck on the train with no way out and no ticket, which is a problem when the conductor comes around. As they desperately search for an escape, the boys uncover clues that lead them deeper into the train’s musty cabins and into the path of a killer!

You can find a 38-page preview here. That’s just volume 1, get a sneak peek at volume 2 while you’re over there.

Eric Gitter will co-produce the film. Variety states Universal continues to develop another Oni property: Resurrection. The comic publisher is also behind the upcoming Kate Beckinsale thriller Whiteout, due out from Warner Bros. later this year or early next.

Source: Variety


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