Jason Reitman’s Got a Horror Movie

He’s got his Ghostbusters, too

Some of us hold fond memories of seeing Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters for the first time in ’84. And by some, I mean, likely you and definitely me. Then there are those who mock your memories and one-up you with their own cherished recollections of their days on the Ghostbusters set.

Juno helmer, and Jennifer’s Body producer, Jason Reitman carries those bragging rights having watched dear ol’ pop set loose mischievous spooks, ghouls and a Marshmallow Man on New York City. And while, to date, Reitman has begun his career helming comedies, he does see himself dabbling in a genre touched on – albeit with a funny bone – in his father’s film.

“I actually wrote a horror film,” Reitman confesses on the Jennifer’s Body set. “I was down to two films that were going to be my first movie. One was Thank You for Smoking and the other was this horror film that I wrote. I was in between the two and Thank You for Smoking went and the other one didn’t. I’m not as good on horror as [Jennifer’s Body scribe] Diablo [Cody] is, particularly the older stuff. I just love the genre and would one day love to do a horror film.”

Next, however, Reitman has a dramedy cookin’ that is reportedly an adaptation of Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air. After that, the sky’s the limit. “One day, I can see myself doing a big film, but those are not generally the films that are in my heart,” he says. “I like to make small movies and I have many more ideas for smaller, strangers films than I do for bigger fare. I have my Ghostbusters idea and one day I’ll direct it. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a big sci-fi comedy, but that’s not what I think about most. If I could only make one more movie and it was my big sci-fi comedy movie or my weirdest of the weird ideas which is probably to remake Pretty Woman shot-for-shot with a real hooker in the role of Julia Roberts, I would probably do Pretty Woman. That’s where my heart is.”

Source: Ryan Rotten


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