Shepis Directing Devil’s Pies This June


Hack/Slash creator conjurs up a demon

Principal photography begins in June on The Devil’s Pies, the saucy lil’ horror-comedy we introduced to you last November.

Pic marks the directing debut of Tiffany Shepis who is collaborating with longtime friend Rolfe Kanefsky (Nightmare Man). “Pies” is being produced under Shepis, Kanefsky and Esther Goodstein’s Nightmare Works SKG banner. Glen Tackett (Flight of the Living Dead) is on board as executive producer.

“Pies,” “tells the story of two beautiful dumb blondes who get accepted into the hottest sorority on campus only to be chosen as virgin sacrifices for a demonic creature that the sorority sisters worships for their continual wealth, beauty, and power.”

Can’t go wrong with that. Tim Seeley, the creator of Devil’s Due Publishing’s comic book “Hack/Slash,” is lending his sick sensibilities to the production by designing the virgin-eating demon. Hmm, I wonder if a comic book adaptation is in the works?

Casting for all the sexy sorority sisters will begin immediately and every aspiring actress/scream queen/stripper is invited to submit themselves for the “EAT ME! I WANT TO BE A PIE!” casting contest that will be announced shortly on the official movie website

Filming will take place in Tucson, Arizona.

Source: Nightmare Works SKG

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