Philly Film Fest Presents Danger After Dark

Henelotter’s Bad Biology to premiere

The Philadelphia Film Festival enters its 17th year and with it comes an expansion of their “Danger After Dark” program. Out of the 260 films playing over the fest’s two-week span (April 3 – 15), here are just a handful of genre titles on the slab.

Bad Biology (World Premiere): Ribald, frisky and souped-up genitals invade Danger After Dark, as the director of Frankenhooker and Basket Case invites you to fasten your seatbelts for one of the raunchiest, most original horror comedies of the year. Cast members will be in attendance! Director Frank Henenlotter is this year’s recipient of the festival’s Phantasmagoria Award.

Black House: Korean horror continues to cross new boundaries with this nail-biting thriller about an insurance agent peeling back the mysteries of a creepy house only to find terrors beyond his imagination.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer: Monsters invade Danger After Dark and who is left to save the day? Jack Brooks, plumber extraordinaire, in this loving, hilarious and thrilling ode to monster movies and monster slayers.

The Last House in the Woods: In this Italian screamfest, a young couple seeks solace from a group of sadistic bullies at a mysterious house, only to discover that their place of refuge harbors even darker secrets.

The Sperm: Comical mayhem ensues when the citizens of Bangkok are invaded by mutated sperm, masturbating clone babies, busty alien babes and a 50-foot rock star in this crazy mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy and cheeky, teen sex comedies.

Storm: Gut-punching action, gory murders and Matrix-style special effects await you in the ultimate edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!

Stuck: Based on a true story that inspired a delirious urban legend, filmmaker Stuart Gordon brings you an edge-of-your-seat thriller with his signature brand of unexpected humor, social commentary and red, delicious bloodshed.

Timecrimes : Spanish newcomer Nacho Vigalondo explodes onto the scene with this time travel thriller that boasts more twists and turns than The Usual Suspects.

Trailer Park of Terror: Saddle up for countrified horror served with dirty double entendres, teens in jeopardy and road kill jerky as the popular comic series from Reading, PA-based Imperium Comics hits the big screen!

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