Tenebre Steel Edition, Argento Collection DVD Art

Coming soon from Anchor Bay Entertainment

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment passed along a look at two upcoming Argento releases we hinted at a few weeks back (here). Up first is the Tenebre “steelbook” edition. This re-issue will come in a metal package many studios are favoring for their prestige titles (think Fox’s The Omen re-release or Dimension’s “Grindhouse” Best Buy exclusives). Special features include:

• An audio commentary with Dario Argento, composer Claudio Simonetti and journalist Loris Curci

• Voices of the Unsane featurette

• The Roving Camera Eye of Dario Argento featurette

• Creating Sounds of Terror featurette

• Alternate end credit music

• Argento bio

• Trailer

• A new 16 x 9 (1.85:1) widescreen transfer

And then we also have the artwork for the “5 Films by Dario Argento” collection which includes Do You Like Hitchcock?, Tenebre, Trauma, Phenomena and The Card Player. Look for all of the above this summer…

Source: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment


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