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On the story, Haim, trilogy and comic book…

If you’re a fan of ’80s films like I am then the names Corey Feldman and Corey Haim come to mind as two of the biggest and coolest stars of that decade. Last night at the “Children Uniting Nations” Oscar party in Beverly Hills I actually ran into Feldman who was there with his wife supporting the cause.

Since The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies, I admit I geeked out on Feldman a bit and asked him as much as I could about the upcoming summer sequel The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe and he was more than willing to talk about it.

“I hope we can live up to your fantasy and everybody else’s and we don’t let anyone down,” Feldman said when I first approached him. Seeing his excitement for the film made the anticipation for the follow-up just that much more for me and I tried to get as many details for other fans – in the limited amount of time I had with him – so hopefully he said something that you haven’t already heard before.

Shocktillyoudrop.com: Why do you think it took so long to make the sequel?

Corey Feldman:
They needed to make sure I got to the right age before the script was made because I wouldn’t have been able to do it younger. No, not at all. It was very political. Joel Schumacher and Richard Donner are the original creators who were supposed to be involved and then the timeline expired. There were a lot of scripts that went through the works and nothing was approved. I don’t know if Warner Bros. really saw it as something that needed to have a sequel. Interestingly enough, after the 20 year mark passed and it kinda earned cult status WB went, “Oh there’s a good one. Let’s make some more money off of that.”

Shock: Did you think all along there should have been another “Lost Boys”?

There are very few movies I’ve done where I feel that a sequel would be appropriate. “Lost Boys” was certainly one of them, but it had to be done the right way. I was very nervous about getting into this one thinking that it could be done wrong or that it could end up badly. Fortunately, I think it’s gone a good direction. I’m very proud of it. I haven’t seen the final product, but I know the work – I felt okay with it. Hopefully people will enjoy it. There’s some great young actors. Angus Sutherland is amazing. It’s good. It’s a nice mix of new fresh faces and young blood and some of the old folks.

Shock: What was it about this script that you thought was right?

I think that the tonality is on track. It’s got a sense of humor, the light-hearted tongue-in-cheek [feel] that the “Lost Boys” did so well, but also much scarier, much darker, much more gorier. I would say it’s the same movie, but on steroids for 2008.

Shock: Where does the sequel pick up the story from?

It takes place 20 years later as in real time and there’s going to be a comic book series from DC Comics that is going to give you the back story of everything that happened to our characters between the first one and the current one [details]. They’re also talking about a third. This could be a trilogy in the making.

Shock: As you know Corey Haim has had his share of difficulties in the last few years so how do you think he’s going to be in the film?

That’s a loaded question. Well, I guess is all I can say is – folks you’re going to have to watch the second season of “The Two Coreys” to get all of the answers. We’re not on the best of terms.

Shock: Why is that?

First of all, we have very different viewpoints of business and strategy and things like that. Politically we’re worlds apart. Spiritually we’re worlds apart. We’re really on two different levels and I think that’s what the second season is about.

Shock: You guys used to be the best of friends so what happened?

Well, I think unfortunately, as most people do in life, people grow their separate ways. Sometimes you grow together, but sometimes you grow separate. He got himself out of the game. He spent 10 years in Toronto being a normal person staying away from the business. Here, I’ve been in the trenches really trying to make it happen. So, I think that really changes your perspective on a lot of things. He’s had his share of hard knocks as have I. However, I got the message and moved forward and he had to keep hearing the message over and over and over.

Shock: Are you done shooting the film?

Everything is finished. It’s in post now and I know the trailer is coming soon.

Shock: When do you think the trailer will be out?

The first trailer I heard about is being released on “I Am Legend.” That’s the first teaser and I know they’re going to leak it to some Internet site. They still haven’t given the official word on whether it’s theatrical or DVD yet. There’s been all kinds of fan petitions. There’s a fan petition on YouTube. Somebody made a video and they’re sending it to the studios. They’ve been getting flooded with positive energy from fans who want to see it on the big screen and I think it’s working. Fingers crossed. Either way I’ll be happy. I think it’s going to be a good movie.

For more information on the charity event Feldman attended check out www.childrenunitingnations.org.

Source: Heather Newgen


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