Karla Director is Now Cursed

With Saw regular Costas Mandylor

Post-production has begun on Joel Bender’s horror movie The Cursed, written by D. Martin Wilson.

Costas Mandylor (of the “Saw” franchise) plays Sheriff Jimmy Muldoon. With his younger brother, Lloyd Muldoon (played by real life bro Louis Mandylor), the Sheriff dominates an archetypal small Tennesse town until a stranger blows in and supernatural mischief begins. Brad Thornton and Francesca Cecil also star.

Bender drew some heat with his last effort, Karla, a flick starring Laura Prepon and Misha Collins as two Canadian killers who kidnap and murder three young girls. Being based on true events, those in the Great White North didn’t take too kindly to the film’s subject matter.

Click on the title above for links to The Cursed‘s official site and MySpace page.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com


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