SFF ’08: Macy on Re-Animator Sequel Status

Is there still a Presidency in his future?

Out promoting the Hollywood satire The Deal at the Sundance Film Festival, actor William Macy gave ShockTillYouDrop.com an update on his involvement in the long-mooted House of Re-Animator. “Yeah, I’m still a part of it. Stuart Gordon…he works slowly but surely,” he says.

In the fourth chapter chronicling the exploits of Herbert West, Macy is committed to play the President of the United States. West, played by Jeffrey Combs, would be called to the White House to “revive” the V.P. – at least that was an early plot hatched by Gordon and Brian Yuzna.

Having starred in Gordon’s Edmond, are there any plans for the actor and director to reunite for a non-“Re-Animator” outing – perhaps another Mamet adaptation? “No, he’s got lots of things in the works,” says Macy. “I think my next project is going to be directing a film, my directorial debut, it’s called Keep Coming Back, I’m just waiting for one movie star, everything else is in place.”

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com


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