The Host 2 Hungry for More Monsters!

Conceptual sketch revealed

Not content to rehash events from the first film (as well they shouldn’t be), the producers behind The Host 2 intend on not only stirring up steaming-fresh political controversy…but heightening the mutated threat as well.

According to Sci-Fi Japan, a press release from Chungeorahm Film states the next chapter will be a prequel (confirming last month’s suspicions), written by Kang Full, and “multiple monsters” will crop up. Along with the release came a concept sketch by Full depicting a fork lift driver holding one of the creatures at bay (see below).

Says the site, “Because of its subject matter, THE HOST 2 is very likely to feature as much serious political and social subtext as the previous film. The restoration of Cheonggyecheon was an administration of Lee Myung-bak, current President-elect of Korea. Lee was the mayor of Seoul between 2002 and 2006, and the restoration of Cheonggyecheon was his election pledge. Before the restoration, Cheonggyecheon was notorious for its foul underground water and as a architectural safety hazard. Although the restoration has now made the creek one of the major tourist attractions of Seoul, it has drastically changed the everyday lives of the people living around Cheonggyecheon.”

For more, click here. The Host 2 begins shooting this summer, stay tuned for a director and cast announcement.

Source: Sci-Fi Japan


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