EXCL: Malone on the Crazed Babes of Trance


First production photo revealed!

In October, principal photography began on Upload Films’ Trance, a kinetic, party till ya puke horror movie written by John “Arrow in the Head” Fallon (web master cum actor-screenwriter). Masterminding the film’s savage soirée and the violence that occurs is director Brad Malone.

Malone tells ShockTillYouDrop.com, “Trance” was passed into his hands when a directing opportunity fell apart. Entirely comfortable with embracing a project he didn’t write, Malone agreed to helm the film for Louisiana Media Productions. “The general premise is these eight kids go to a rave, they take drugs and the drugs have no discernible effect on the male population. It turns the females into raving psychotics who then turn on their boyfriends and start tearing them apart,” he says, all grins. “In that I saw shades of [Jack Ketchum’s] ‘Ladies Night,’ I saw shades of Girls by the Luna brothers – I saw a lot of really cool stuff. You have all of that couched on a Doug Lyman film like Go. You set this thing in a Halloween rave then you have a girl in a really hot Alice in Wonderland outfit with blood up to her elbows.”

The dames behind this gore orgy include Jessica Heap and Brea Grant (Midnight Movie). Actors Jeremy London (Mall Rats), Kirk Kepper and Kyle Russell Clements face the female wrath. Malone met his troupe in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a two-week prep period and breakneck 15 day shoot. And taking a cue from advice granted to him by friend Guillermo del Toro, which was “to be bold,” Malone chose to act as camera operator throughout the production. “I had just watched Crank and decided I wanted to shoot the whole movie on rollerblades with a Steadicam rig. The producers were okay with that. It was a grinder, there were definitely days that were tough to make.”

Dominique Swain (Alpha Dog) also stars as the film’s “Freddy Krueger,” as Malone describes her role. “The idea is that there’s this girl who drives around in a limo and invites people to this party and she doses them with the drug that comes on this little Listerine-like breathe strip. Dominique and I started talking about her character. I told her, ‘If you play this straight, it’s gonna suck so hard.’ Because what she does is sit in her limo and monitor the destruction from her laptop. If she’s in there like a villain twirling a mustache, it’s gonna suck. She agreed. So I asked her what she does when she’s bored. She says, ‘Play Scrabble.’ She does it by herself. So I told her to bring her Scrabble board for a scene. There are so many Dominique-isms in the movie.” There’s more to the action than a high-scoring word, though, right? Malone assures us there’s plenty of madness in store for us. “The opening scene is a straight ode to Pan’s Labyrinth and Guillermo – a bottle to face smashing scene. But imagine if it was how Larry Clark would shoot that scene!”

Trance is currently in post-production. Keep it here for further updates; also, click on the exclusive still above for a hi-res image.

Source: Ryan Rotten