Schaech, Chizmar Return for NBC’s Fear Itself

Actor reveals episode title, details

During our interview with Johnathon Schaech on the set of Screen Gems’ Quarantine, the actor told us he has co-written an episode of NBC’s upcoming horror anthology series “Fear Itself.”

“It’s called ‘Eater,’ it’s really scary,” Schaech says. He penned the script with partner Richard Chizmar and it is based on the short story by Peter Crowther. Schaech adds it’s “along the same lines of Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal Lecter meets The Thing.”

Schaech and Chizmar contributed to the second season of Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” with the episode “The Washingtonians.” The pair took a turn into Stephen King territory with From a Buick 8 which is going to be a directing vehicle for Tobe Hooper.

“Fear Itself” is expected to air next summer. Find more stories on the series here.



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