Susco on Zombie Epic Monster Island

It “will blow people out of their chairs.”

It began as serialized novel written by author David Wellington – told through a series of blogs and offered up to the public for free on the web. “Monster Island” then took on a life of its own and leapt to print. Two follow-up books (“Monster Nation,” “Monster Planet”) were subsequently born.

“Island” portrays a post-zombie apocalypse New York City . A plague has swept through the Big Apple turning all residents into zombies. Only two of the undead on the island have intelligence and harness psychic abilities. They become leaders in a zombie fray that ensues when a team of soldiers comprised of girls is sent to NYC from Africa with a United Nations weapons inspector.

There’s a lot to digest, but it sends your imagination soaring. Screenwriter Stephen Susco (Red, The Grudge) tells Shock his production company Zero Hour Films is in the early stages of development on a big screen adaptation of “Monster Island.”

“The novel lays the foundation for a zombie film the likes of which no one has ever made or seen – a couple dozen people against forty million zombies on Manhattan Island,” he says. “And this isn’t a group of people trapped in a room, trying to hold back the tide – this is a head-on collision, a battle that nearly destroys the entire city. My producing partner and I have teamed up with a visual FX company to realize this book as it should be realized — as an epic, 300-esque horror action film that will blow people out of their chairs.”

Naturally, the WGA strike is delaying some development on “Island,” but once a Hollywood producer-writer agreement is reached, Susco plans to move forward on the adaptation.



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