I Am Legend: Most Faithful Adaptation Yet?


Omega Man partially credited

Erudite Richard Matheson readers have witnessed the author’s novel “I Am Legend” get adapted for the screen twice before. When Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend opens nationwide on December 14th, no doubt they’ll be scrutinizing its truthfulness to the source material originally published in ’54.

During a recent press conference, producer and co-writer Akiva Goldsman was asked to comment on the deviations apparent in Lawrence’s modern incarnation. “If you look at the source credit you’ll see it is really adapted from Matheson’s novel and The Omega Man – which is really an intact work of its own,” he told ShockTillYouDrop.com, pointing to 1971’s funky re-telling starring Charlton Heston. “[Ours is] a little bit of a hybrid, I don’t want to say specifically what we did and didn’t change. We tried to stay true to the spirit. Obviously, one of the most contentious issues always in the development of this property has been the ending. So, I’ll leave it to others to determine to what degree they find it faithful.”

More on how Lawrence left a few nods to “Omega Man” intact in “Legend” is coming soon – keep an eye on Shock for our full interview.

Source: Ryan Rotten