Preview: Shannyn Sossamon on One Missed Call


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On January 4th, death comes a-ringin’ in Warner Bros.’ One Missed Call, an American redressing of the 2003 supernatural horror film directed by Japanese wildcard Takashi Miike. Shannyn Sossamon (Rules of Attraction) is the center of attention this time. She plays a young woman who witnesses the deaths of two pals. Further investigation (with the help of a detective – played by Ed Burns) reveals that the two victims answered phone calls broadcasting the moments of their demise through the receiver.

“I came on board this one because of the director [Eric Valette],” Sossamon explains to during an early chat about the film before the true press blitz begins. “I watched his film Malefique and it was awesome – disturbing in a way I thought was cool. And I like his tastes, visually. So, I trusted him. I liked Ed, too. But this was a studio picture, it had some money, I think when you’ve got a little money for a horror film, it can help.”

A little over a month after “Call’s release, fans will see Sossamon’s turn in the long-delayed Catacombs, a picture she doesn’t exactly speak highly of. “I would have apprehension about doing another horror film now. On One Missed Call I was happy to get the job because I felt I needed experience and practice” after some time away from the biz to be a mother. “I needed to get my feet wet again, and I did so with some projects that were not so good.”

One Missed Call ultimately became a satisfying experience for her. “It’s a heavy film. I seem to have something in my nature that lends itself towards drama that I’ve accepted, but I do have to do lighter stuff because the drama can get so emotionally draining,” she says. Thanks to co-star Burns, “I was cracking up a lot. He made me laugh like a sucker. He’d just sit there and I’m just…” she pauses and smiles. “And he’s doing this just before they call action where I’m supposed to feel the most fear I’ve ever felt in my life!”

Keep the phone on the hook, we’ll be dialing up some more coverage on One Missed Call as we near its release date. And swing by the film’s official site which recently went live here.

Source: Ryan Rotten