Cusack Explains The Factory


“…more of a CSI kind of thing.”

In recent years, John Cusack has had a great deal of success whenever he got away from playing the lead in romantic comedies and ventured into the world of horror-thrillers, first with Identity and most recently with the adaptation of Stephen King’s 1408. Just a couple days ago, it was announced that Cusack would star in the Dark Castle psychological thriller The Factory directed and co-written by Australia’s own Morgan O’Neill.

While doing interviews for his new drama Grace is Gone, Cusack told why he decided to venture back into the world of suspense, and surprisingly, it related to his desire to do more indie films in the future. “(The Factory)’s a studio movie. I like the director, I met him. I liked the script. It’s much more of a big-budget commercial movie, and those sort of finance these – I go back and forth.”

In the film, Cusack plays a detective whose daughter has been kidnapped taking him into a very dark place, but he assures us this isn’t another serial killer thriller like the ones we’ve seen before. “It’s more plotty and more Hitchcocky,” he explained. “Much more about what’s revealed when. It’s a little bit more clever. It’s not really ‘Silence of the Lambs’, but it’s more of a CSI kind of thing.”

The Factory will start shooting in January for a release later in the year. Stay tuned to for more on this film as it develops.

Source: Edward Douglas