Photo Gallery: Barker’s Mister B. Gone Signing


Fans flock to Dark Delicacies

Despite feeling under the weather, artist and author Clive Barker dropped in on Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California over the weekend to sign copies of his latest novel “Mister B. Gone.” Doctors orders were to rest his throat; and even though he could barely raise his voice above a whisper, Barker remained affable. He sipped his tea. Hashed out a sketch or two and stuck around until every fan was appeased.

Shock also stopped by to take pics, say ‘hello,’ check the turnout (over a hundred folks brought loot for Barker to sign throughout the day) and then descend on a nearby Mexican restaurant. ‘Cause nothing says Clive Barker like a bite of a quesidilla? (Sorry, don’t know where we were going with that one.) Here are those photos for you Barker fans out there…