Trailer: Patrik Syversen’s Rovdyr

Survival horror from Norway!

A fascination with survival horror continues to sweep the globe. Latest evidence comes from Norway where Patrik Syversen’s Rovdyr is opening in theaters this January. A trailer is now online (here) and the opening music cue (“Wait for the Rain” from The Last House on the Left) should give you an indication of where this film’s heart is at.

In an interview with Twitch Film, Syversen explains, Rovdyr is basically a result of all my influences, but I do love the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so that´s been a major influence. Also lots of backwoods horror films, with their creepy locals and weird hitchhikers. You could say we follow in that tradition, but with a Norwegian spin on it. But it all comes down to wanting to make a raw, realistic and uncompromising horror film.”

Read the full interview here. It may be a spell before Rovdyr strikes our shores, but, as always, we’ll do our best to keep you updated on distribution developments. For now, enjoy the trailer – there’s a lot promise and stark brutality in there. Hurray for Norway!



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