Daughter Snatched Up by New Line

Gives Kevin Costner supernatural thriller a home

New Line Cinema celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Bob Shaye’s production house that Freddy Krueger built has come a long way from its modest horror roots. And despite recent rumblings of trouble there – underperforming films with high price tags being mostly to blame – New Line is keeping one cautious foot in the genre.

Variety reports the studio will handle distribution for Gold Circle’s The New Daughter. The tale steeped in the supernatural, and directed by Luiso Berdejo, finds Kevin Costner, dropping the alter-ego he carried in Mr. Brooks like a bad habit, as a dad who finds his daughter, played by Pan’s Labyrinth‘s Ivana Baquero, acting a tad peculiar. A spot of nearby land serving as a burial mound may be behind this kookiness.

Shooting begins early next year based on a script by John Travis.

Source: Variety


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