Saw IV Opens with $14.5 Million


Looking to match the success of Saw III

According to Friday estimates at ShowBIZ Data, the fourth chapter of the hit horror franchise Saw IV has grossed $14.45 million in its opening day, which would be roughly where Saw III opened in the same weekend last year. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get some idea whether it will make more in its opening weekend than the last chapter, but right now, we can assume that Saw IV will wind up somewhere between $32 and 34 million over the weekend. Seems like the decision to greenlight two more chapters before the fourth movie hits theatres has been warranted and so far, it doesn’t look like Saw will be going the way of so many other horror franchises, losing audiences with each successive chapter, due to the regular output of movies and consistency in keeping the same people involved.

Source: ShowBIZ Data, Edward Douglas

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