A Word of Warning About Awake

The new thriller starring Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen

Awake may not be suitable for those about to undergo anesthesia for surgery.”

An ominous admonition from the makers of MGM’s latest thriller starring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba. This statement was found in a press release regarding the November 30th release of the film.

In Awake, Christensen becomes the victim of anesthetic awareness – meaning the anesthesia administered to a patient during surgery leaves him/her fully conscious but paralyzed during surgery. Terrence Howard (Iron Man), Lena Olin and Fisher Stevens co-star.

Joby Harold, writer-director of the film, says, “We have created an original and scary experience unlike anything audiences have seen before. The prospect of being conscious during surgery elicits a visceral response in everyone, and I can’t wait for audiences to join us on this unique, fun ride.”

We’ll give you a heads-up when a trailer comes creeping our way.

Source: MGM


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