Miss Horrorfest Finalists!

Yes, a gallery of hot chicks…

After Dark Films’ CEO Courtney Solomon announced the top 8 finalists in the 2007 Miss Horrorfest Competition.

The women competing for horror’s most illustrious crown will be Melissa Jones, Lorrisa Julianus, Erin Nixon Kerrigan, Shannon Lark, sisters Molly and Bonnie Morgan, Jeanette Roberts and Rainey Welch. The contestants will live in a house and compete in a series of chilling competitions, all of which will be broadcast on YouTube over the next week, giving viewers the chance to vote for the next Queen of Scream.

The top 3 finalists will be announced on October 24th on YouTube. Log on to Youtube.com/horrorfest and cast your vote today!

Source: After Dark Films


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