EXCL: Krantz Talks Horror Series Darius

Pilot episode imminent for MTV

Speaking from the set of Raw Feed’s latest Otis, director Tony Krantz exclusively gave Shock an update on a horror series he is executive producing for MTV entitled “Darius.” The project last caught headlines here.

“‘Darius’ deals with a typical high school kid who decides to take matters into his own hands,” Krantz says. “He’s a young genius like Hannibal Lecter. Basically, he rights wrongs, but not as a superhero would or how Charles Bronson in ‘Death Wish’ would, [he does it] sorta in the world of a suburban revenge or a suburban serial killer. It’s got a great spirit to it.”

Krantz adds “Darius” is currently in the scripting stage with creators Adam Ripp and Steven Wolfson on board and hopes a pilot will get underway soon. More on Otis to come!

Source: Ryan Rotten


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