AvP Sequel Ventures to Two Planets!

Action set on Earth and…

This morning we received a phone call from an anonymous scooper who excitedly told us a juicy nugget about Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Says our source, the Strause brothers – who have already impressed the hell out of us with an action-packed trailer loaded with grue – will give fans a long-awaited look at the home world of the Predator species.

So, we sat on this info for the afternoon weighing the validity of this information until Fangoria posted this story where co-director Greg Strause teases, “There’s lots of stuff still unseen — complete scenes that are not in the trailer,” then, “A new world perhaps…”

Sounds pretty legit. The Predator home planet was once the center of an abandoned Predator sequel cooked up by Robert Rodriguez.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria


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