Trailers: Transsiberian, Addicted!


Two new thrillers awaiting release

One is a thriller about a train ride gone awry, the other is a chiller revolving around a crisis of identity.

A sales trailer for Brad Anderson’s Transsiberian is now available for you to check out here. In the latest from the director of The Machinist and Session 9, Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer stars as an American couple traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway from China to Moscow who become pulled into a mysterious journey filled with deception and murder.

And for your Sarah Michelle Gellar fix, catch a preview for Addicted (formerly “Possession”) right here. Produced by the Vertigo Entertainment team, this one has the ex-Buffy playing a wife coping with a brother-in-law who claims to be her husband after both men are involved in a terrible wreck.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Terrorfeed