Booking Tickets for Another Flight

Does Thomas have plans for a Dead sequel?

One would seriously need to have a head full of marbles not to keep a sequel in mind when embarking on a film with the grin-inducing concept of Flight of the Living Dead.

Director Scott Thomas understand there may be some interest but, “I’m not sure how that would work, to tell you the truth,” he tells Shock during a “Flight”-related interview. “Our Japanese distributor is looking for a sequel, some other people have been talking about it.”

We suggest maybe picking up where the first concludes…in Vegas. (How or why would be the real spoiler.) “I’d love to set it in Vegas, zombies running amok in Vegas would be so cool.”

Flight of the Living Dead arrives on DVD October 2nd. Our full interview with Thomas will be flying in soon.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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