Hammer Films Throws a Rave


Silence broken with episodic horror

A twenty-year drought of Hammer horror comes to an end with…Beyond the Rave.

Back in May it was announced that Hammer Films was on the rise again in the wake of spotty false-starts. Now some solid proof has been presented that Hammer is indeed birthing original content yet again with the aforementioned “Rave” (a moniker that’s a Crypt Keeper-esque spin on Amicus’ Beyond the Grave).

UnofficalHammerFilms.com picked up on this casting breakdown for Hammer’s upcoming vampire flick set against the backdrop of England’s partaaay scene. If those dates on the casting announcement are correct, shooting begins this month.

Details are slim-pickens from there. Melanie Light is the art director. “Rave” is being shot on 35mm and will subsequently be diced into 20 installments for release on the web (and via your phone?!).

More details as they come in…

Source: Ryan Rotten, Unofficial Hammer Films