FEARnet to Produce Burrowers Prequel


Has possible plans for Catacombs?

FEARnet‘s upcoming web prequel 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails isn’t the last of the outlet’s original productions.

Jim Burns, executive producer on “Trails,” disclosed FEARnet’s plans to forge ahead with explorations of other upcoming horror movie titles such as J.T. Petty’s period piece/creature feature The Burrowers. Lionsgate is expected to release the film in January/February of 2008.

“We’ll be doing a similar thing that we’re doing with ’30 Days of Night’ which is a prequel to the film,” said Burns at the Festival of Fear “Trails” panel. “It’s an interesting project that concerns Native Americans and how they interact with the horror world, what happens in the Southwest and how these little things sorta come to life and create havoc. That’ll come out in probably December.”

Burns also noted that FEARnet is getting involved feature film production, but refrained from announcing what productions they had in the works.

Following up on a piece of intel ShockTillYouDrop.com had been privy to recently, we asked if Burns knew anything about FEARnet’s plans to debut the Shannyn Sossamon thriller Catacombs. “No comment,” Burns coughed out after a pause.

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Source: Ryan Rotten