EXCL: Fessenden Talks Cabin Fever 2

His role in the sequel and a Scareflix update

New York filmmaker Larry Fessenden has created a niche for himself in the world of indie horror with his “trilogy of horrors” which included No Telling (1991), Habit (1997) and Wendigo (2001), and his new Arctic eco-horror film The Last Winter continues right where he left off.

When ShockTillYouDrop.com sat down for a lengthy conversation with Fessenden about the movie, we also talked to him about a few of the other things on his plate, including his role in Cabin Fever 2, directed by Ti West, a graduate of Fessenden’s low-budget horror line Scareflix. The filmmaker told us a bit about that role, which includes a big ol’ SPOILER: “I play the guy who drives the delivery truck of the water which causes the virus (to spread), and I’m obviously affected because I’m drinking my own product and then I just perish early on and start the whole thing going. It’s a great role. I know Ti’s movie will have plenty of blood for the gore fans; it’s going to be appallingly grotesque and I get to die in that movie like I do in all my others.”

Fessenden also talked about the current status of the movies he plans to release as part of the Scareflix line. “We’re in the middle of shooting I Sell the Dead, which is weird. We took a hiatus while we’re waiting for Ron Perlman to come back from the Hellboy shoot, but that’s a great movie in the tradition of the Hammer films from the ’60s. It’s a beautiful period piece by Glenn McQuaid, who’s done a lot of the effects on my own films. Very excited about that, but that’s not even finished. We’re just finishing up a movie called ‘I Can See You’ by Graham Resnick, who is Ti’s soundman. If you know Ti’s work, you know how important the sound is, so imagine Graham having control over a whole movie. It’s going to be very special. Jim McKinney made this robot movie called ‘Automotons’ we’re just going to release on video this year. They’re slowly trickling out on DVD now. The first two are already out and then two more are coming out this year. It’s a great project the ScareFlix thing.”

Fessenden himself hopes to start shooting another movie in the spring.

We’ll have the full interview with Larry Fessenden talking about The Last Winter–opening at New York’s IFC Center on Wednesday September 19–and a variety of other things, including politics and his future Oscar prospects.

Source: Edward Douglas


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