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Actor Jason Behr had to have known reporting back to wife KaDee Strickland with a full tattoo sleeve – a requirement of his latest film The Tattooist – was gonna kick in a little somethin’-somethin’ into their relationship, right? “Oh yeah, of course she loved it,” Behr confides. “I loved it. I even thought about getting a real sleeve but then considered how it might limit my career.”

This summer Behr reveals two faces – one’s a raging lycanthrope in Skinwalkers, the other is a tattoo artist with ink and blood on his hands when he releases a pissed off spirit in the appropriately titled The Tattooist.

The latter, co-penned by Black Sheep‘s Jonathan King, opens in New Zealand on August 30th.

“They sent me the script in Los Angeles and I thought it was fascinating,” Behr tells ShockTillYouDrop.com during a one-on-one chat. “I had never read anything like it before. I have a tattoo, all of my brothers have tattoos so I understand that choice to get something and have it mean something different for every individual. That said, I thought it even appealed to someone who never wanted to get a tattoo in their life, it was a cool interesting new story. A really well told story and set in a world no one’s ever heard of before.”

As a tattooist, Behr’s role required that he don some faux body art (natch), so the actor and director took a trip into the Valley to visit Tinsley Tattoos where he’d get his extensive transfer completed based “on this guy in New Zealand who’s probably the best out there,” says Behr. “And he designed this massive sleeve for me, it’s sort’ve a bunch of different tattoos. But for my character they represent his journey and they all flow together. It took three hours to apply my entire arm, the back piece and one arm was bare. It’s his raw emotional side.”

Look for more from our discussion with Behr later this week!

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