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Reveals Horrorfest 2 entry?

Has FX maestro Stan Winston spilled the beans on the first film participating in this year’s After Dark Horrorfest 2? Possibly.

Out promoting Skinwalkers, on which he did the werewolf effects, the multi-faceted genre vet who has delved into original productions (Wrong Turn) over the last decade revealed his company’s latest, The Deaths of Ian Stone, “will be released probably in October/November.” Hmm, that could place it in Horrofest 2, the follow-up to last year’s successful weekend event that lives again on November 9th.

The story of a young man who is brutally killed then brought back to re-live his doomsday over and over again, “Ian Stone” is seemingly more than just the psychological thriller we originally thought it was set to be.

Winston adds, “There are some cool creatures in it introduced as ‘Harvesters.’ They’re basically vampires who feed off of your fear. They’re very dark creatures.”

Other projects in the Stan Winston Productions pipeline include Speed Demon (“We are presently in the casting process.”), Me and My Monster (for Sony) and Monsters. “It’s something Corbin [Bernsen] brought to me – an idea he wanted to write a screenplay for. We developed it a little further conceptually. Monsters are real, we create them, and I believe it. It’s a universal concept: They exist, they’re real and they’ve been here forever and it’s our fault.”

On the effects-front, Winston’s shop recently wrapped Iron Man and is designing a variety of creatures for James Cameron’s Avatar.

Source: Ryan Rotten

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