Little’s Store Opens for Business

Strike hires writer for adaptation

Bentley Little’s novel The Store is in development at Strike Entertainment (Dawn of the Dead ’04). Recent UCLA grad Jenna McGrath is writing the adaptation for producers Marc Abraham and Eric Newman.

Here’s a synopsis of the novel: Juniper, Arizona, is an off-the-map desert town the retail giant called The Store has chosen for its new location. Now everything you could possibly want is under one roof at unbelievable prices. But you’d better be careful what you wish for. This place demands something of its customers that goes beyond brand loyalty. At The Store, one-stop shopping has become last-shopping.

Bill Davis is the only one in town who senses the evil lurking within The Store. But he can’t stop his two teenage daughters from taking jobs there and falling under the influence of its sadistic manager. When Bill finally takes a stand, he will get much more than he bargained for.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter


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