Say hello to the “Predalien”

AvP2 crossbreed revealed?

(Update: Turns out this is a fan-made fake.)

Do we have our first look at the Predator-Alien hybrid from the upcoming Alien vs. Predator 2? Possibly. Pic below first came to our attention via Arrow in the Head who say it originated at 3-D Custom Foam‘s site. But I’m hard-pressed to find it there, myself. It may have been removed at Fox’s request. You can devour more glimpses of it here.

According to early script reviews, the Predator-Alien, or “Predalien,” is the catalyst for the upcoming sequel’s events. Born in the final moments of Paul W.S. Anderson’s first film, the creature grows up rapidly wreaking havoc on the Predator spacecraft forcing it to crash.

The Strause brothers-directed flick opens on December 25th.

Source: Ryan Rotten, AitH, 3-D Custom Foam Inc.


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