Paradise Lost Sees Red

Classic zombies resurrected

Maverick Red and the Swedish production company Grindhouse Pictures AB are collaborating on Paradise Lost, an original endeavor that bears no relation to Scott Derickson’s upcoming film of the same name.

Writers Mans F.G. Thunberg and Christian Hallman are taking zombie lore back to its roots for a story “set in the secret world of voodoo and white slavery” that follows a brother search for a sibling who has been killed and resurrected as a zombie. Location scouting has begun.

Maverick currently has a remake of My Sassy Girl underway with Elisha Cuthbert starring. Hallman, meanwhile, was a production manager on the Swedish vampire flick Frostbiten and has overseen many European genre film fests over the years.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Maverick Red


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