RKO Classics Get the Twisted Touch

From the house that brought us Saw

RKO and Twisted Pictures (of the “Saw” series) is going back beyond the seemingly invisible twenty-year mark that studios are adhering to for all remakes today to update a handful of titles from the RKO library – yes, those black & white days before the advent of the digital intermediate process.

Four films are currently planned, three have been announced, all culled from the 1940s: The Body Snatcher, I Walked with a Zombie and Bedlam.

Writers and directors to see these projects along will likely come from Evolution Management (Twisted is a division of Evolution Entertainment) and announcements are forthcoming. “We’ve thought a long time about how to update these classic titles to make them commercial,” Evolution co-president Mark Burg tells Variety. “If these films go well, we hope it leads to more.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety


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