UPDATED: Gruesome New Autopsy Pics

Adam Gierasch drops us a line!

Adam Gierasch wraps work in Louisiana on Autopsy (his directorial debut) this week before heading back to Los Angeles for post-production. “I’m really happy with how ‘Autopsy’ is coming together,” he tells us. “I’m very influenced by Italian horror, and the film has lots of great color…and, of course, gore. Hopefully all the blood we spilled on set will give horror fans something to enjoy – I know I like it!”

With a few days of principal photography left, music for the film already permeate Gierasch’s thoughts. He says he has, “Tim Armstrong of Rancid writing a song for us. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time and am thrilled that he’s going to be a part of the film.”

Having penned genre pics like The Toolbox Murders and The Third Mother, Gierasch (who wrote his latest with long-time partner Jace Anderson and pal Evan Katz) has come to learn the power of a strong cast, so he pulled together one that includes Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), Jessica Lowndes (“Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead”), Jenette Goldstein (Near Dark) and Kill Bill‘s Michael Bowen. Care to guess who that poor sap is below with the facial reconstruction?

Source: Ryan Rotten


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