Righteous Casting in Kill

Pacino, DeNiro together again

Those who scoffed at Michael Mann’s treatment of the on-screen pairing of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino can stifle their bitterness. Jon Avnet has cast the two Godfather: Part II vets (where they shared no screen time together) in a film entitled Righteous Kill. Avnet recently directed Pacino in 88 Minutes where the actor starred as a forensic psychiatrist who had to solve his own murder. In “Kill,” he teams with DeNiro to track down a serial killer.

“You see those two icons onscreen together for virtually the whole film,” producer Avi Lerner told THR, “(something) never seen before in the history of cinema. It’s one of the hardest deals we’ve ever done to put these two actors together.”

According to THR, they’ll share at least 90% of the film together. Avnet is working under a $60 million budget for Millenium Films and Emmet/Furla Films. Shooting begins this summer in Connecticut – a rising production-friendly state – and New York.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter


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