Fake Previews Galore in Trailer Trash

Eli Roth talks new project

The business of making fake trailers is all the rage these days. For some they can show the merit of a filmmaker’s storytelling ability in the span of three minutes; for others it’s just a way to tap into their nostalgic side. The faux previews sandwiched into Grindhouse reflected a little bit of both and Eli Roth, who contributed the fantastic Thanksgiving, revealed at the Saturn Awards last night that he’s got the bug to make more.

If he does, he’s bringing his pals with him for a project called Trailer Trash which will be nothing but fake trailers from all genres. It’ll give him a chance to play with “Thanksgiving 2” and another one he’s got cooking called “Hanukill”. Edgar Wright and Greg Nicotero are two guys who have shown interest in contributing. Right now the plan is to shoot a few before Roth gets to work on Stephen King’s Cell, then maybe wrap things up after.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Collider


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