Weekly Wrap-Up

April 30th – May 4th

Before we close the coffin lid on one news week and begin the next, let’s take a quick gander at some of the big news stories you may have missed! Click on the links below to take you to the full story…

– Platinum Dunes and New Line are eyeing another Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

– Clive Barker’s Pig Blood Blues is casting up soon and “The Book of Blood” may be coming to the big screen.

– “Last House on the Left’s David Hess is collaborating with Ruggero Deodato (“Cannibal Holocaust”) on a new project.

– The puzzle box lid hasn’t closed on Dimension’s Hellraiser remake just yet.

– Here’s Warner Bros.’ teaser poster for The Invasion.

– “Severance” director Chris Smith spills the beans on his Bermuda Triangle flick here.

– Jennifer Tilly and Jonathan Breck return to horror in The Caretaker.

– Dreamworks’ “The Ruins” snares more actors!

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Source: Ryan Rotten


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