Maverick, Baby Get Dirty for Digger

Birthing a new horror icon

Horror loves turning to the tried and true “slasher icon” on occasion. Some succeed. Some fail. Some become the Trickster from Brainscan. Maverick Red – Madonna’s production company – and Angel Baby are going to take a crack at genre iconography with their killer Joshua Bauer. He’s the nut job at the center of Digger, Stephen Lancellotti’s story of a grave digger (Bauer) who once accomplished his job using his bare hands and now he’s out for revenge. This writer’s home state, Connecticut, is where principal photography is taking place later this summer with director John Gallagher at the helm. Shooting commences around the same time Maverick and Angel Baby begin work on another horror film entitled Slaughtered from Nathan Brookes and Bobby Darby. The former is also overseeing Sony Screen Gem’s remake of The Stepfather (read our last news item here), a serial killer flick called Labyrinth and a remake of the South Korean freaky story of possession, Phone.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter


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