The Evil Dead Returning to Drive-In Theaters Starting June 13!


The Evil Dead Returning to Drive-In Theaters Starting on June 13

The Evil Dead returning to drive-in theaters starting on June 13

Sam Raimi’s iconic horror film The Evil Dead is set to hit the big screen again with Grindhouse Releasing announcing that the Bruce Campbell-led 1981 cult classic will officially be returning to drive-in theaters this summer. Set to premiere across the country, the first screening is scheduled on Saturday night, June 13 at Pride’s Corner Drive-In in Westbrook, Maine. More dates and locations are yet to be announced.

“We’re now releasing the original version to drive-ins – scanned from the 16mm camera negative in 2K with Joe’s original score and soundtrack.” Grindhouse said in a statement. (via Bloody Disgusting“If exhibitors want to show the 4K DCP of ‘Evil Dead Reimagined’, we can supply it, so it depends on the individual drive-ins.”

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This news comes two days after Bruce Campbell had confirmed the new details about the next installment to the Evil Dead films titled Evil Dead Now with The Hole In The Ground director Lee Cronin attached to write and direct.

The Evil Dead franchise began with 1981’s The Evil Dead and was followed by 1987’s Evil Dead II and 1993’s Army of Darkness which were all written and directed by Sam Raimi and centered on Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams. The original trilogy had amassed a massive cult following that spawn into video games, stage musicals and a comedy horror series titled Ash vs. Evil Dead which ran on-air from 2015-2018. In 2013, the fourth installment to film franchise was introduced with Fede Alvarez’s 2013 soft reboot of Raimi’s 1981 film which now revolve around a female protagonist.