9 Fantastic Female Zombies


A look at 9 of the most iconic female zombies in horror entertainment

A look at 9 of the most iconic female zombies in horror entertainment

Feminism, office politics, wage disputes and other gender-centric social concerns go right out the weird window when you’re dead. Death is the great equalizer, after all, the one state of being when an individual truly ceases to be an individual at all and isn’t chained to any of our mortal coil concerns. And the same goes for undeath, of course. Zombies are the evolution of society, because they are blind to prejudices of any kind; all races, all genders, all financial status. Indivisible.

But with that, all zombies are NOT created equal and let’s face it, females are just more interesting than men, especially when they walk the earth posthumously looking to feed. Maybe it’s the way we view women, as nurturers and as something softer and more graceful. We’re painting with a broad (ahem) brush of course, but to see a woman re-born as a moldering, shambling cannibalistic killer out to tear us to shreds is alarming and often instantly iconic.

So today, let’s high five all the female zombies out there and unleash a list ranking nine of our favorite and most famous estrogen-drenched living corpses from some of cinema’s (and, in one case, television’s) most beloved bloodbaths.

Swipe through the gallery below and see if your best ghoul-friend made the cut. If not, tell us who your favorite female zombies are in the comments!