Exclusive Death Waits for No Man Clip is Pure Neo Noir


Exclusive Death Waits for No Man Clip is Pure Neo Noir

Death Waits for No Man: Neo Noir stars Black Sails’ Angelique Pretorious

In reference to film, the word Noir is often thought of as a genre. It never was designed as such. Film Noir is a retroactive term coined by French critics to identify the wave of dark, often mean and violent and psychological crime thrillers that leaked out of America in the 1940s, films that employed and expressionist palette and often veered into the realms of horror.

Today, filmmakers willingly go out to produce films they cite as Noir, tipping their hats to the aesthetic of films like Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Kiss Me Deadly and others but smashing them into contemporary, hard boiled narratives. Hence the term Neo Noir. The New Black.

One of the latest gritty, “cold around the heart” thrillers to identify as Neo Noir is writer/director Armin Silkovic’s seedy, neon-soaked mystery thriller Death Waits for No Man, a sexy, merciless little stinger of a film that stars Black Sails‘ immaculate Angelique Pretorius in a tale of sex, seduction and murder most foul.

Expected to release late 2017/early 2018, it’s the unnerving and complex chronicle of a neon art collector that seduces a lone drifter into killing her abusive husband.

Pretorius headlines a cast that includes Bradley Snedeker, Corey Rieger and Travis Myers. We have an exclusive clip from the film to share below. Check it out and tell us what you think. What’s your favorite Noir?

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