Watch an Exclusive Clip from Two Sentence Horror Stories’ Guilt Trip


Two Sentence Horror Stories - Guilt Trip

Two Sentence Horror Stories reveals first episode at LAFF 2017 and unleashes an exclusive clip

Premiering tonight at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival is the new digital anthology series Two Sentence Horror Stories‘ premiere episode “Guilt Trip,” a chilling tale of a woman who picks up a young man on a dark road one night and lives to regret her act of kindness. We have an exclusive clip from the film to share below.

Inspired by the viral fan fiction, Two Sentence Horror Stories is a provocative anthology series that explores primal and social fears, filtered through the anxieties of the most connected and racially diverse generation. The series grew out of creator Vera Miao’s love of horror and thriller movies as an art form that gives us license to dig into our deepest fears, grapple with contemporary social issues, and feature characters that reflect the diversity of today’s audiences. Each episode is inspired by its own horror story told in two sentences. “Guilt Trip,” written by Miao and directed by J.D Dillard, gave the team a chance to bring the familiar “hitcher” trope into a contemporary setting, where information is shared with lightening speed, and misconceptions happen just as quickly. All episodes in the series are focused on the persistent atmosphere of dread, suspense, mystery, and wonder central to the psychological side of the genre. The premise that what you can’t see is scarier than what you can drove every aspect.

Two Sentence Horror Stories is produced by Stage 13, a new original digital content brand, showcasing a new generation of talent and fresh creative voices. Judging by what we’ve seen here, we’re excited to see more. “Guilt Trip” plays alongside the second Two Sentence Horror Story “High and Mighty” at 6:45pm tonight at LAFF. Go to the official site for more details.

Now…watch that clip…

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