RANKED: Every Movie in the Empire Pictures Box Set


RANKED: Every Movie in the Empire Pictures Box Set

We rank every movie in the new Empire Pictures box set

Gen X-ers and Millenials who were cable viewers in the ’80s and ’90s fondly remember the output of the late Empire Pictures. Now it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane as we count down our ranking of all 17 films included in the new Empire Pictures box set that we’ve viewed (and reviewed), including genre classics like Ghoulies, Trancers and Robot Jox. Check it out in the gallery below!

Founded by producer and director Charles Band in 1983, the fabled studio and distributor Empire was responsible for a tidal wave of amazing, imaginative and profitable horror, science fiction and fantasy films, many of which have become definitive works and high water marks of their respective genres.

Charles Band and Full Moon (in collusion with Shout! Factory) have released The Empire Pictures Blu-ray Collection, a massive limited edition collection (only 600 are being produced) featuring 18 films on 15 discs (14 Blu-ray + 1 DVD) packaged in a stunning, sturdy and elegant black collectors box adorned with a collage of original Empire poster art. Inside, there is an exclusive 24-page book as well, with liner notes penned by our own Chris Alexander.

The Empire Pictures Blu-ray Collection units ($250 US per unit) will not be sold in stores and can only be purchased at FullMoonDirect.com.