8 Shocking Scenes of Eyeball Violence!


To start your day off revoltingly -- and as a public service to remind you to wear safety goggles -- we've isolated our favorite scenes of eyeball violence.

A look at 8 of our favorite scenes of eyeball violence in horror

Do you remember the first moment when you realized that all of us, each and every one, were just mobile bags of fluid and soft, squishy, slimy things all stapled together by some sort of motorized miracle? I do. It was when I was 11 and watching George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, the scene where the bikers get mauled at the mall by the zombies and one poor bastard has his intestines ripped out and eaten. I didn’t even know what those bloody ropes were. I was shocked. From that moment on I was and still am acutely aware of just how fragile our bodies are and how easily obliterated they can be, at the claws of the living dead or otherwise.

But out of all our mushy parts that need extra protection, none make me as uncomfortable as our eyes. As a lover of cinema, and a watcher of the world, I value my sense of sight above all else and the idea of losing that is unthinkable. But even if I was blind, I’d still be freaked out by my eyeballs. Because they are naked. Part guts, part external organ, the eyes are these wet, complex balls, barely protected on our faces, tethered by pulsing cords to our brains. Window to the soul? Sure. But also the portal to our central computer, the highway to our minds. And hey, have you ever touched an eyeball by accident? It’s gross.

So as it goes with anything disgusting surrounding our bodies, the horror genre has exploited our fear of ocular damage time and time again, cutting eyes, gouging eyes, stabbing eyes, burning eyes, ripping them out, puncturing them and inflicting all other forms of violent assault upon them.

So to start your day off revoltingly — and as a public service to remind you to wear safety goggles — we’ve isolated 8 of our favorite scenes of eyeball atrocities on-screen. Have a look and please, we encourage you to share your own favorite gory glazzball gags in the comments section below. Enjoy!