Exclusive First Look at New Giallo Those Who Deserve to Die



An exclusive look at director Bret Wood’s stylish chiller Those Who Deserve to Die

This writer praised filmmaker Bret Wood’s previous film, the earthy, elemental contemporary Carmilla adaptation The Unwanted for its style, class, restraint and focus on female relationships as well as its refusal to pander to genre convention expectations. So with that, we’re excited to see his next movie,  a “revenge picture flavored with 1960s giallo” sensibilities called Those Who Deserve To Die.

The film follows a troubled veteran (Joe Sykes, V/H/S) who returns to his home town to avenge the community’s betrayal his family. Guided by the spirit of his dead ten-year-old sister, Berenice (Alice Lewis), Jonathan doesn’t just punish the guilty but kills their entire families, extinguishing their bloodlines. When a social worker named Margaret (Rachel Frawley) meets Jonathan and attempts to cure him of his anti-social impulses, Berenice must find sadistic new ways to fuel Jonathan’s hatred, to insure the completion of his task… for somewhere on the list of Those Who Deserve To Die… is Margaret herself.

Written and directed by Wood, Those Who Deserve To Die will complete  principal photography in April 2017. The crew is mounting a Kickstarter campaign for finishing funds. You can view the campaign video here.

In particular, a strong hook for the film is newcomer Alice Lewis, who plays the blood-thirsty Berenice. Wood assembled this interview piece that a bit of backstory to his eclectic new discovery:

And be sure to watch the ultra-stylish trailer below:

For more information, visit the Those Who Deserve To Die website at www.twd2d.com and check out the lush series of photos from the film below…